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The Vision Of Grace Survivors Deliverance Academy

To see students of the Gospel not only operating skillfully in the Word of God but also

discerning the difference of good and evil

Habakkuk 2:2

Grace Survivors School of Deliverance was started by Pastor Joyce E. Hardnett .When Pastor Joyce recognized that God had placed a call of ministry on her life   she wanted to teach others how to flow effectively in their ministries


Apostle Hardnett   has been graced to carry an anointing to strengthen, teach, empower and equip.


The purpose of Grace Survivors Deliverance Academy is to train and maximize your training in Deliverance & Healing, Evangelistic Ministry Your Prophecy, along with your Ministerial skills and attitude to reach your God-given potential.


This 5 week accelerated course imparts insights and practical tools Pastor Joyce gained from years of ministering in the areas of deliverance , prophecy and evangelism.

Students will leave with all the training and knowledge needed to start their own deliverance ministry.

Pastors are encouraged to attend themselves or send at least one couple from their church to learn how to minister deliverance to their local body.


Certification in the School of Deliverance includes a certificate of completion.


​Deliverance & Healing

Apostolic Anointing and The Five-Fold Ministry

Casting Out Evil Spirits

Why Deliverance

The Operation Of Evil Spirits

The Spirit of Discernment

Soul Ties



The Prophet and Jezebel

What is Prophecy

The Purpose of Prophecy

How To Hear The Voice Of God

What Voice Am I Hearing

The Purpose of Prophecy

Activating The Gift



You Have Been Commissioned

Identifying Your Territory

Exercising Your Authority

Ministering To Others


Dealing With Spiritual Attacks

Ministry Guidelines

From The Pulpit to The Pew

Each session is full of insight and intensely practical knowledge that you can use to help you minister to others more effectively. If you want to move, grow and mature in these areas of ministry, then Grace Survivors Deliverance Academy is for you!!!


Classes are 5 weeks, and the cost is $275.00 (Price is Subject to Change) 

which includes course workbook 

Certificate of Completion 


                                                Payment by cash or credit card is accepted and also via cash app $PastorJ


        Message From The Facilitator

I named the academy “Grace Survivors” because I was a minister of the gospel that did not train in a seminary. I was trained by my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ on a blue and white blanket on the floor of one of the bedrooms in my home. " I remember the Lord saying to me if you allow ME to teach you daughter .

You will never lack for anything.

I love ministry but my top three  is Deliverance & Healing, Evangelism and Prophecy. 

I love seeing people get set from darkness.

I would accept ministry assignments and speaking engagements but there was still so much l had to learn about these three categories of ministry. I knew I loved the Lord and their was a call on my life and I was willing to accept speaking engagements , ministry opportunities but still I was not confident of what I was actually doing. It felt like the old saying "Fake It Until  You Make It".
But the Lord saw my heart  and saw I was willing to step out on faith and trust him with the rest.
He gave me the grace I needed even when I was not sure. I thank the Lord for allowing me the opportunity through Grace Survivors Academy to empower and equip others on what he has taught me.
Deliverance & Healing is a very unique ministry it is a type of anointing that is misunderstood-even by your own peers in ministry. If you are a servant that responds to this mission don't let the rejection stop you. Don't worry about the painful judgment or the persecution or being left out of the click be encouraged because the Lord has anointed YOU to set the captives free

Kingdom Blessings-Joyce E. Hardnett


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