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Joyce Hardnett Ministries offers a unique form of Apostolic Covering that focuses on support rather than control.


As spiritual mentors and guides, we believe in being accountable to you and providing guidance and direction when needed.


We firmly believe in the power of the Holy Ghost and recognize the anointing and gifts within you to fulfill your role as an or Pastor in your church.


Our ministry is rooted in the principles of living a separated and consecrated life, just as Paul described himself as a bondservant of Jesus Christ. We are committed to planting and establishing churches worldwide, developing responsible evangelistic ministry, and producing mature sons and daughters who carry a high level of anointing in preaching, ministry, and integrity.



Our focus is on bringing together believers from all walks of life for the purpose of the Great Commission, training them to discover their potential, plan, and purpose in life, and helping them step into their ministry. While we do not seek signs, we expect signs and wonders to follow our apostolic ministry, as seen in the examples of the apostles in the Bible. We approach ministry with humility, recognizing that we are servants of the most high God. Our goal is to provide a spiritual covering that is based on relationship, responsibility, and empowerment rather than mere titles or positions.

The Advantages of Apostolic Oversight If a church or ministry does not derive any benefits from its apostolic covering, then there is no reason for it to have one. It is crucial that both the church and its leaders benefit from this relationship, rather than just the apostle.


Here are several areas in which a church and its leaders should experience the advantages of apostolic covering:


1. Guidance: Apostolic covering provides valuable counsel in various aspects. It helps in shaping and refining the church's vision, as well as effectively communicating it. Additionally, it assists in addressing doctrinal issues that may arise within the church, preventing division. Moreover, in cases requiring church discipline, apostolic covering can offer guidance to avoid personal attacks against the leadership.


2. Protection: One of the key benefits of apostolic covering is creating an environment of safety and security for both the pastor and the congregation. It safeguards the people by providing a means of appeal if a leader falls into error, sin, or becomes overly controlling, thus preventing a church split. Furthermore, it protects the pastor by offering support and defense against false accusations.


3. Accountability: Having apostolic covering ensures that the pastor has someone to be accountable to. It provides a trusted individual to confide in, relate to, and seek guidance from.


4. Confirmation: Apostolic covering plays a vital role in confirming and ordaining elders and other ministry gifts within the church. By involving an external party in the interview and confirmation process, an objective perspective is gained, which is often lacking in independent churches.


5. Encouragement: Visits from apostolic covering can bring great encouragement and blessings to a local church. The presence and support of experienced apostolic leaders can uplift and inspire the congregation.


6. Commitment: It is essential for both the pastor and the congregation to demonstrate a level of commitment for apostolic covering to be effective. Pastors understand the value and significance of commitment within the local church. To fully benefit from apostolic oversight, pastors and local churches must make certain fundamental commitments. As an apostolic network, we have recognized the importance of these commitments in maximizing the advantages of apostolic covering.

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